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Piling hammers are designed as a piling and extraction attachment to be used with an excavator. They can be easily attached to an excavator directly to the boom or via a quick hitch adapter.

EMVs reduce the cohesion of soils through vibrations which effectively fluidises the soil, making it easier and more cost efficient to install trench sheets and sheet piles. The weight of the piling hammer and the applied force are enough to drive the trench sheet/sheet pile to the required depth quickly, quietly and efficiently. The same applies when extracting and the required pulling force is minimized due to the reduced friction.

  • Extremely low height of the piling hammer allows driving of long piles
  • High push/pull forces increase driving performance
  • Fitted with a safety circuit
  • All clamps can be rotated 90° to allow face working
  • Simple mounting with three hoses
  • User-friendly design with one-lever operation
  • Can be directly attached to the excavator boom or with a quick hitch adapter with 65mm – 80mm, 90mm and 100mm pins






Technical Specifications

Type MS-4 HFB MS-5 HFBV3
Centrifugal force                                           F (max.)              Kn 374 400
Eccentric moment                                        M stat (max.)       Kgm 4.2 0 – 5
Frequency                                                    F (max.)              Hz 47.5 45
Speed                                                           N (max.)             rpm 2850 2700
Push down                                                    F push (max.)    Kn 80 80
Power consumption                                      P (max.)             Kw 100 95
Total weight (incl. clamping device)                                        kg 1230 1580
Dyn. weight (incl. clamping device)                                        kg 940 1130
Amplitude                                                                               mm 8.9 8.8
Displacement                                                Q Motor (max.) I/min 171 162
Length                                                            L                      mm 1174 1349
Width                                                              B                     mm 742 706
Height, incl. clamping device                         H                     mm 1175 1470
Width at throat                                               T                      mm 340 440
Standard clamping device MS-U 60 MS-U 60
Recommended power pack MS-A 110 MS-A 110
Pulling force                                                  F pull (max.)     Kn 120 120

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