Manhole Box

A four-sided mechanical excavation support manhole box ideal for installing pre-cast concrete manholes and small chambers or tanks where ground movement is non-critical. Can be used to form part of a continuous trench system in excavations up to 5.8m deep and 4.4m wide.

  • Designed to be installed by excavator using either the dig and push or excavate and place technique
  • Bottom cutting edge for ease of installation
  • Top panels available to increase excavation depth

Technical Specification

Description Length x Height (mm) Max Depth (m) Internal Width (m) Panel Thickness (mm) Box Weight (kg) Length between Struts (m) Under Strut Clearance (m) Panel Return Width (m)
Lightweight Micro Base 2000 x 1780 4.0 1.9 60 908 1.8 0.8 0.6
Micro Base 2000 x 1780 4.0 1.9 60 1122 1.8 0.8 0.6
Micro Top 2000 x 1100 N/A 1.9 60 741 1.8 N/A 0.6
Mini Base 2500 x 2020 4.2 2.4 60 1540 2.3 0.9 0.7
Mini Top 2500 x 1100 N/A 2.4 60 938 2.3 N/A 0.7
Midi Base 3000 x 2020 4.2 2.9 60 1692 2.8 0.9 0.7
Midi Top 3000 x 1100 N/A 2.9 60 1018 2.8 N/A 0.7
Standard Base 3500 x 2562 5.8 3.3 100 2762 3.3 1.3 0.9
Standard Top 3500 x 1624 N/A 3.3 100 1996 3.3 N/A 0.9
Titan Base 4400 x 2562 5.8 4.1 100 3824 4.2 1.3 1.3
Titan Top 4400 x 1624 N/A 4.1 100 2964 4.2 N/A 1.3
For more information download the MGF Manhole Box Technical File
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For more information download the MGF Manhole Box file
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Top Service for 650 House-Build Development

One of the largest new housing developments in Crewe prepared for the construction of the storm water wet well, penstock chamber and associated pipework, requiring a trusted supplier for the temporary works.
The developers’ site required a 11m x 7.6m excavation to a depth of 9m to provide a safe working environment to facilitate the construction of the permanent works.
Despite being up against a competitor, MGF were the preferred supplier for McPhillips and secured the work based on quality ...

On: 9 Jan, 2019 By: MGF

5 Design Engineers Achieve EngTech MICE

Congratulations to five members of our Engineering Department who have passed their Professional Technician Review.
Adrian Brown, Charlie Stockley, Chris Atherton, Marcin Dardzinski and Matthew Howarth passed the final stage of qualifications to receive their EngTech status with the Engineering council and MICE accreditations from the Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE), therefore gaining the letters EngTech MICE after their names.
Achieving EngTech status with the ICE proves the ability of the candidate at applying proven engineering techniques and procedures to ...

On: 20 Dec, 2018 By: MGF

MGF Achieve GOLD with the Supply Chain Sustainability School

We are delighted to announce that MGF have achieved Gold membership status with the Supply Chain Sustainability School (SCSS).
SCSS aim to lead the construction industry into a more sustainable future through training, events and collaboration between major contractors and suppliers. Their vision is to deliver “world class collaboration, enabling a sustainable built environment” through their values of being “collaborative, progressive, inspirational and inclusive”.
MGF first joined the school in 2012 with the aim of further understanding our industry’s challenges ...

On: 19 Dec, 2018 By: MGF

New Products Added to the Hire Fleet

Two new products have been introduced to the safety equipment fleet and are now available for hire.
MGF have introduced the new Vetter industrial Lifting Bag range and the Hs 2.4S 110V Water Pump system to their ever-expanding safety fleet.
Vetter Lifting Bags
The 8bar (116psi) Lifting Bags are quiet, bump-free and easy to use when lifting heavy loads in tight spaces. The bags lift, press, compress and brace even in angled positions.
A range of sizes and lifting capabilities are available ...

On: 13 Dec, 2018 By: MGF

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Organisations that gain recognition for their health and safety management systems such as MGF Trench Construction, contribute to a collective raising of the bar for other organisations to aspire to.

- David Rawlins, RoSPA


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