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Emergency Escape Breathing Apparatus

Drager PSS 3000

  • Light, robust and simple to use.
  • Enhanced carrying system.
  • Proven air supply technology.
  • Integrated hoses.
  • Easy to clean and maintain.

Drager Saver CF10

  • Flame retardant hood with wide visor for enhanced peripheral vision.
  • Unit is automatically activated on opening.
  • In built whistle sounds nearing the end of its air supply.
  • Photoluminescent panels allow the unit to be seen at very low visibility levels.
  • Provides approximately 10 minutes of air supply.

Oxyboks K – Oxygen Self-Rescuer

  • Lightweight, 1.2kg during use and 2.1kg including case.
  • Oxygen supply available immediately from starter cartridge.
  • 30 min chemical rebreather.
  • Conforms to EN401.

Ramfan Air Mover

  • Polyethylene casing is lightweight, corrosion and chemical resistant.
  • Works on a power supply of 100v.
  • Supplied with 7.6m x 200mm of ducting.
  • Not for use in potentially explosive environments.
  • Offer multidirectional operation (extraction/blowing).

Breathing Apparatus 340 Emergency Escape Breathing Apparatus

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This is a major step forward both in terms of speed and reducing safety hazards in the unloading process. Our site team can testify that they would recommend the Pipe Lifter on every occasion when installing large diameter pipes

- James Young, John Henry Civil Engineering


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