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We have a wide range of safety products to assist our customers in creating a safe working environment.

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Crowcon Gas Detectors

The Crowcon Tetra 3 is a compact, multi-gas monitoring system, robust and easy to use diffusion based detector.

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BW Gas Detector

The BW gas detector offers continuous, reliable protection.

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Emergency Escape Breathing Apparatus

Emergency Escape Breathing Apparatus provide both constant flow and positive pressure and can be used in conjunction with other safety equipment.

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MGF supply a range of Fall Arrest and Rescue Equipment consisting of tripods, stretchers, winches, retrieval blocks and life jackets.

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Harness and Harness Kit

MGF supply an extensive range of Harness and Harness Kits.

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Safety Lanyards

MGF supply an extensive range of Safety Lanyards for use when working at heights.

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Ropes and Rope Grabs

MGF supply a range of Ropes and Rope Grabs which are designed for used as fall protection.

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Personal Protective Equipment

MGF supply a range of Personal Protective Equipment including; life jackets and breathalysers.

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Tripods have many applications such as access and rescue/retrieval from confined spaces, manholes and trenches.

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All MGF Winches are compatible with the davitsafe range and tripods

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Safeloading platforms are lightweight and compact to allow quick and safe handling

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Flood Defence

Innovative products aimed at offering emergency flood protection

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MGF's 3D modelling proved to be an invaluable tool in conveying the complexity of the project leading to a value engineered, achievable final solution for the temporary works element

- John Croxford, Getjar Limited


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