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GRiPSHORE GRP Vertishore

  • A versatile shoring solution designed to be used in shallow trenches for the safe installation of utilities in excavations up to 2000mm deep with widths from 650mm to 2000mm when combined with strut extensions.
  • GRP Vertishore is available with or without a 500mm wide backing board and can be provided in heights of 500mm, 1600mm and 2100mm.
  • MGF recommend a minimum of 3 units to be installed at 1500mm centres, or up to 2000mm centres.
  • The system provides a minimum 570mm of clearance below the bottom strut.
  • Designed for use in made ground such as soft cohesive and loose granular fill which is generally self-supporting in the short term and where no ground water is present.
  • Use in problematic ground such as very soft clays and silt or peat is not recommended.
  • The lightweight equipment can be rapidly assembled by hand where access is limited, without the need for an excavator.
  • The hydraulic struts allow the full process to be achieved safely without the requirement for operatives to enter an unsupported trench.

GRP Vertishore 340 GRiPSHORE GRP Vertishore

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