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Pipe Lifter

MGF Pipe Lifter is a high capacity excavator with a quick hitch attachment for safe and rapid handling and laying of concrete pipes. All moving parts are mechanical and do not require the excavator to have additional hydraulics.

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Culvert Puller

MGF Culvert Puller offers a safe and fast method of installing pre-cast culvert units and large diameter pipes with the required accuracy.

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Manhole Ring Safety Platform

MGF Manhole Ring Safety Platforms offer a robust and easy to install safe working area above manhole rings to allow safe access when placing concrete for manhole surrounds.

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Manhole Shutters

MGF Manhole Shutters are pre-formed steels shutters ideal for forming nominal concrete surround to manholes.

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Manhole Ring Lifter

MGF Manhole Ring Lifter is a high capacity, easily adjustable grab for lifting manhole rings, making it easy for one person to use for both lifting and lowering.

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Manhole Ring Lifting Eyes

MGF Ring Lifter Eyes are quick and easy to use and can be used with most pre-cast units.

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