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MGF Box systems provide a safe, easy to use and effective solution for safely installing utilities pipework in conditions where the control of ground movement is not critical. MGF offer a full range of box systems comprising Trench Boxes, Manhole Boxes and Drag Boxes of various sizes to suit the application.

All MGF Box Systems are compatible with our Excavation Safety Systems including a comprehensive regime equipment.

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Drag Boxes

MGF Drag Boxes are a simple to assemble, two sided mechanical shield system designed to be installed by an excavator utilising the ‘excavate and drag’ technique. Normally selected for installing utility pipes in non-urban environments where fast pipe laying rates are required.

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Trench Boxes

MGF Trench boxes are normally selected for installing utility pipes. The size of the system is specified depending on the maximum depth required and the size of individual pipe sections and bedding.

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High Clearance Trench Boxes

MGF High Clearance Trench Boxes are a simple to assemble, robust, two sided mechanical excavation support system designed to be installed by a minimum 35Te excavator utilising the ‘dig and push’ or excavate and lowing in place techniques.

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Aluminium Trench Boxes

MGF Aluminium Trench Boxes are a simple to assemble, lightweight, robust, two sided mechanical excavation support system normally selected for installing shallow utility pipes.

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Endsafe Panels

MGF Endsafe is a simple. robust excavation panel system designed to safely support vertical soil faces at the open ends of trenches where it is not possible to batter the soil back.

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King Posts and Panels

MGF steel column King Posts with steel in-fill Panels are an ideal solution for single sided retaining walls or basement type excavations.

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