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SketchUp Components

Simplified components, ideal for completing quick conceptual sketches or for use in method statements.

A selection of our products are available for download as SketchUp components below or direct download through 3D warehouse. SketchUp is very quick and easy to use, and is therefore ideal for communicating conceptual ideas or illustrating method statements on site.

For advice on the compatibility and suitability of our equipment, please seek guidance from our Technical File or design department. If you require advice on using the components then please contact our design department.


Our components are continually being updated, if you would like to be notified by email when updates are made to this page then please register for updates.

Whilst MGF have made every effort to ensure validity of SketchUp components supplied, MGF cannot accept any liability whatsoever for their usage by a third party.

All our SketchUp components are also available for direct download through Trimble 3D Warehouse



skpMGF Drag Boxes  (Last Updated : Aug 2018)

skpMGF Trench Boxes (Last Updated : Aug 2018)

skpMGF Manhole Boxes (Last Updated : Aug 2018)


Hydraulic Bracing Systems

skpMGF 203UC Brace (Last Updated : Aug 2018)

skpMGF 254UC Brace (Last Updated : Aug 2018)

skpMGF 305UC Brace (Last Updated : Aug 2018)

skpMGF 406UC Brace (Last Updated : Aug 2018)


Bracing Strut Systems

skp MGF 200 Series (Last Updated : Aug 2018)

skp MGF 300 Series (Last Updated : Aug 2018)

skp MGF 400 Series (Last Updated : Aug 2018)

skp MGF 600 Series (Last Updated : Aug 2018)

skp MGF 1000 Series (Last Updated : Aug 2018)


Light Duty Equipment

skp MGF End Protection Struts (Last Updated : Aug 2018)

skp MGF GRiPSHORE Vertishore (Last Updated : Aug 2018)



skp MGF Heavy Duty Steel Waler (Last Updated : Aug 2018)

skp MGF Medium Duty Aluminium Waler (Last Updated : Aug 2018)


MGF Medium Duty Steel Waler (Last Updated : Aug 2018)


Shoring Safety Equipment

skp MGF Edgesafe (Last Updated : Aug 2018)

skp MGF Endsafe Panels (Last Updated : Aug 2018)


MGF Laddersafe (Last Updated : Aug 2018)


Trench Sheets & Sheet Piles

skpzip MGF Trench Sheets (Last Updated : Aug 2018)


MGF Sheet Piles (Last Updated : Aug 2018)

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