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The MGF Drivesafe units attach to an excavator quick hitch mechanism and are used to drive sheets into the ground using the push and dig installation method. This product is an alternative to using traditional pile caps The MGF Drivesafe unit pushes the sheets into the ground using a slow, steady and safe push.


  • Reduces the need for working at height
  • Reduces damage to sheets and quick hitches over traditional push and dig methods
  • Speeds up the push and dig sheet installation procedure

Drivesafe Retouched 300x169 Drivesafe

PicQ 300x169 Drivesafe

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MGF’s 3D computer modelling enabled us to convey the concept and construction methods that were envisaged, which provided a higher level of confidence in the equipment and thus eased the approvals process.

- Chris Thomas, Director, Volker Ground Engineer


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